The short,unsatisfactory answer is maybe. The original use for the module was a 1946 Ford Pickup. The wiring is very simple. The switches have screw head connections. Modern vehicles are quite modular - there is not a screw to be seen in the wiring. The plugs are all snap together. Think about how the module works: +12 VDC (fused constant) goes into the relay. When active, a single +12 VDC wire (connected to the screw strip) comes out. If a single hot wire can light your headlamps, then, yes it will work. The problem is finding the correct wire to tie into. The purpose of the diode stack is to turn on all the other stuff that comes on with the headlamps. Parking lamps, tail lights, IP. We know that some Hondas have two circuits for the headlamps - left and right! That requires an additional relay to tie the circuits together. Here is an interesting fact: almost all purchase that were originated from our website direct were for brand new vehicles! I asked a fellow with a new Honda Ridgeline why he just did not get this from Honda. His response was the the automatic headlamps were only available as part of an expensive option package - most of which he did not want. So, he bought our module and had it professionally installed. I asked another customer with a new Jaguar - what about warranty issues. His answer: fuse taps! It is a blade fuse with a third blade for circuit access. If he has to return his vehicle to Jaguar for any warranty work, he plans to pull the module out and remove his connections. (A caution about fuse taps: some have blades that are too thick. When inserted, they open the sockets too much and a regular fuse will no longer connect properly.) We know that a professional installer can get this to work in any vehicle. In fact, we have a customer (an installer) who only works with new car dealers. He adds options that people insist on having, but are not already on the new vehicle. So, the issue is this: can you identify the wire that you have to get at, to turn on the headlamps? When I open the hood of my wife's new auto, I know that I am looking at an engine, but that is just about all I can identify.