Installation in a newer vehicle

There are issues w/ modern vehicles.
First, what voltage is required to fire up the headlamps? If it is an HID system, our module cannot power the lights directly, but given enough time and effort to locate the proper wires and connect it, the module can turn on the lights, as the vehicle is still based on 12V.
Second, modern vehicles are completely modular and it is very difficult to get to an individual wire. There are no individual terminals, just multi-wire snap plugs. Our module was designed around a wiring system that has screw terminals. That said, if you can find the wire(s) which do turn on the lights you want, and can get to it, our module should work just fine.
The module does not know what it is connected to, nor does it care. The output, when active, is 12V w/ a 30 amp capacity. It can turn on just about anything that runs on 12V.
Third, there is the warranty issue. You just might void it if you modify the vehicle.
We got a call from a fellow who just bought a PT Cruiser and was very annoyed that the auto headlamps was not even an option. He was sure that he could get the dealer to install the module, but of course, the dealer just refused.
Fourth, windshield wiper input. Most modern vehicles do not have a single +12VDC available to tap (to turn on the module). This is actually easy to solve. As the motor is switched to it's different functions, you can tap the output with a diode(s), and the different diodes are joined to form a single output. Take a look at our diode stack, and just make a stack, in reverse.
BTW, take a look at "fuse taps". These are blade type fuses w/ a third terminal, to act as a connector, to tap into a circuit. Some even have a second fusible link to the connector.

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